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"As a busy private practice plastic surgeon, I would like to provide my highest recommendation to the entire team at Pinpoint. They have helped me produce fantastic branding and marketing tools that have elevated both my surgical practice and wellness facility. With their help I have been able to offer a myriad of informational content, brochures, e-blasts, and the like that have helped keep my customers informed. Their team is highly responsive, and they produce excellent work. They are always willing to tackle new projects and bring to the table years of knowledge and experience in the branding, marketing, publishing, and design world. I would not be where I am today from a branding and marketing perspective without the team at Pinpoint. Thank you for all that you do!"


“BEST IN THE BUSINESS! I have had the pleasure of working with Pinpoin since 2014 when I owned a medical spa in Beverly Hills. The business needed a complete overhaul, and I retained Pinpoint to take on this task. Having a med spa in one of the most competitive markets in the country is no easy feat; your branding, positioning, value proposition, and visuals are one of the most important aspects of your business. It’s the 1% difference, and greatest investment. Tami and her team have unparalleled expertise not only in aesthetic medicine, but in taking the time to get to know each client individually. Going through their visual brand strategy development process is an experience that will bring you to tears. There are not enough words to articulate my unwavering recommendation to work with Pinpoint, Tami, and her team. ”

- Terri Ross
Founder and CEO, Terri Ross Consulting
Founder of Co-CEO, APX Platform
Co-Founder, The Aesthetic Success

“I met Tami and the PinPoint crew during the very beginning days of Serotonin. Having created a few franchise brands prior, I was very specific in what I was looking for in a marketing/print vendor. Tami and the team were not only so much more than I was seeking, she gave me insights into effective print marketing from an industry perspective. Together we have created some pretty awesome stuff, and I am proud to have Pinpoint as a top vendor for my Serotonin Centers franchise brand.”

–Eric Casaburi, Founder & CEO, Serotonin Centers

"I can’t say enough good things about the team at Pinpoint. They have integrally helped me define and implement my brand from the inception of my practice. As an artist myself, I had a very specific vision for what I wanted my brand to feel and look like. They were able to help me discover intangibles, define central tenets, and weave them into a beautiful brand, which translated into stunning graphics, powerful brand pillars, and beautiful graphics. From logos, to web design elements, to email marketing campaigns, to paper products, I get endless compliments on how beautiful my practice brand is. I recommend Pinpoint all the time and will continue to do so!"


"I had heard great things about Tami and her team at Pinpoint. Fortunately, those things were all true. We brought them on board to assist with the opening of our new med spa, and they were just what we needed. At first, I was concerned with the interviews and questionnaires because we were eager to get going. However, during our brand reveal I was in total shock with the accuracy and level of detail relating to the brand that I wanted to create. They say that an original vision can only be understood by the person who holds that vision until it is manifested. I have always believed that until now. Tami has a gift that allows her to see into your mind and bring that vision to life. She listens deeply, processes your words, and delivers. Every day that marketing materials rolled into our office was like Christmas. The staff and I were always excited by the content and quality of materials. Our grand opening was a success, and we are steadily growing as I watch our brand take off. I could sense that she is extremely busy with a tons of other clients, but she always managed to make me feel valued and prioritized. Typically, it was me holding her up with our progress. Lol. That is why I am happy to write this. I have not taken the time to properly thank you and your outstanding team. Your dedication, passion, and work ethic was certainly not under appreciated!"

–Wright Jones, MD

"I’m coming up on almost 25 years in practice and it was a time to refresh everything. When we were doing that, we said it was about time to rebrand and redo our website. We hired a great company out of Washington, and they did a phenomenal job. They made the decision that it should be called The Godek Center. The reason is that when people are looking for us, our name was The Personal Enhancement Center, but they found they were always searching for Godek and the hope is that my son will one day join the practice. The brand represents my true feelings about plastic surgery—that is, the best of patient care, patient-centered, with the very best results."

–Christopher P. Godek, MD

“Client engagement is an integral part of my business - I want every patient to interact with my premier practice on a meaningful level. Pinpoint understood exactly what I wanted to achieve and delivered the precise attention to detail that my clients have come to expect from Bonakdar Aesthetics. I have developed a unique approach to non-surgical face and body rejuvenation, which Pinpoint was able to reflect in every aspect of my client engagement materials. They left no stone unturned, giving my patients a 360° experience - wherever they turn, they are engaged with my brand. Thank you for being diligent and precise in your work, Pinpoint!”

–Monica Bonakdar, MD

"Over the last decade we’ve worked together, the thing we’ve come to value the most out ofour relationship with Pinpoint is the sense of trust, and the understanding they have of ourpractice and industry. Working with them is easy and gives me great peace of mind,personally. They’ve consistently used their creativity to help us solve our marketingchallenges—always in a way that’s positioned to reflect our brand.Karen Paul, Marketing Director, Louis P. Bucky Plastic Surgery"

–Karen Paul

"I do not think I have enough words to describe the amazing experience we’ve had in working with Pinpoint. My companies have used Pinpoint on a number of occasions — both for my aesthetic medical practice and our patient loyalty marketing in Braintree, MA — and for my new venture start up, iSmartMD — providing new patient generation technology and AI for practices across the US. The level of branding, industry experience and service we get from Pinpoint is mind-boggling. Finally I’ve found a partner who’s work ethic matches my own. I would recommend hiring Pinpoint with CONFIDENCE!"

- Kosta Shumakin

"Pinpoint has been a life-saverfor our practice. We were introduced to them by a highly respected marketing professional several years ago, and we could not be happier with their work, professionalism, turn-around time, and resources. Quality work is a must for those of us in the aesthetic business. We have high standards, and Pinpoint has exceeded them all .Ashley Gordon, MD"

- Restora Austin Plastic Surgery Center

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